Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can You Do This?!!

Our girls have always be very flexible and have always been able to do the splits and such moves that often make you think they're double jointed or something. Being in gymnastics for a few years before coming to China and watching a lot of gymnastics, they know how to do many of the moves. They used to do them very frequently until the past couple of years and I guess they just grew out of them and sort of forgot. However, as they found out recently, if you don't continue such things, you lose your flexibility. They were shocked when they went to do the splits and realized they could no longer do them! Now, I think they are determined to practice a bit every day until they can do them again.
Jenna enjoyed trying to stand on her head! Never was quite able to accomplish the feat though!

Hannah, who is still limited on her physical activities yet, invented her own modified version of their gymnastic moves.

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