Thursday, July 1, 2010

Isn't She Simply Adorable?!!

We recently found out that Jenna's paperwork has been submitted and is now available for adoption. She is listed with WACAP(World Association for Children and Parents), then click on "Waiting Children". I should also mention "there is a $4000 Promise Child Grant available for this adoption to eligible families." This grant is available whether or not you use WACAP as an agency. Her birthday is listed different than what we were given for her, and we're not sure why, but it is definitely her. We verified it with her orphanage and they did tell us they'd done her paperwork and given it to the CCAA for adoption.

Jenna is 5 years old and about to have her 6th birthday in only a few weeks. We've just had her here at the Forever Home since April 1st. Jenna is (was)non-verbal and has been been diagnosed as having "selective mutism." We were told she didn't speak at all, but after only about a month at the Forever Home, she began to speak. I can't tell you how happy we were for her!! We have seen her speech come and go depending on circumstances here at the Forever Home. She has a bit of trouble with change and every time there's a major change, like someone new coming in or someone leaving for the hospital and returning, she stops speaking for a period. We have been very encouraged by the fact that she is now speaking and she is in speech therapy 5 mornings a week. We look forward to seeing her vocabulary continue to expand and pronunciation improve!

Jenna is a very intelligent girl! Although the WACAP's website stated otherwise, we have not found that to be the case. I believe they made that assumption based on the fact that she was non-verbal. Jenna readily picks up on things and can follow instructions. She clearly understands what you say although we have worked on the fact that although she understands, she isn't always obedient. We were very encouraged one day when a young lady from her previous orphanage in Hohot arrived to work with us here at New Day for some training. Although Jenna has only been here a few months, she excitedly remarked at the dramatic changes she saw in her! She stated that while before she would only wander around playing, now she is more focused. She also was impressed that she now looks you in the eye and responds when you speak to her. Something she said never happened before. She was a master at ignoring people! We've had to work on some of these things quite a bit, but are very encouraged by the progress we've made and other people have noticed as well. Of course we'll never know what type of traumas little Jenna has endured, but what she needs is a good, loving, stable home where she can blossom! The fact that we've seen so many improvements in such a short time is very encouraging!!

Jenna is a very lovable girl! She often gives kisses and hugs, mostly with her family. She has an irresistible smile and is simply one of the cutest girls I know! Jenna's favorite toy would have to be anything that makes noise, especially a little keyboard. She loves the water! Jenna is very healthy and we really don't know of any other health problems. She is the youngest of five other foster siblings in the Forever Home. Jenna thoroughly enjoys attending preschool at New Day Foster Home! One of her favorite things to do at home is playing with the kitchenette. You can find her there quite often whipping up something for us to taste!! She also enjoys doing puzzles, play dough, painting, coloring, and building blocks. Jenna really enjoys listening to music and her favorite songs are "B-I-N-G-O", "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", and "Where is Thump-kin?" She is a good eater, not too picky. Jenna also loves to play dress-up. She loves to play peek-a-boo too!

Jenna is in need of a forever family. Although we'd love nothing more than to keep her here in the Forever Home (called that because if she never gets a forever family--this is where she will stay and we will be her family),however, we know that it is better for her to have a family all her own. Won't you consider giving her a permanent, loving home? Perhaps if you cannot, won't you then advocate for her on your blog or with family and friends? Jenna would truly be a blessing to some wonderful family and I know that she would be blessed to have someone she can call her very own. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about Jenna. You can also find several blog posts on this site regarding Jenna. She'd make a wonderful addition to her own special family!! Help us find her a home, won't you?!!

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  1. Praying for Jenna's forever family to find her!!!