Friday, November 30, 2012

A Romp In The Leaves

Though this has been about a month ago, before the cold weather totally set in, I never got this posted and thought you might enjoy seeing it.  One crisp fall afternoon after many of the leaves had fallen over the weekend, we decided it was time for the girls to have a little fun playing in the leaves.  And did they ever have fun!

First you rake up the leaves like so........

Then, Emma, all confused like says "Now, what was I supposed to do?!"

And Elise says "You do this!"

That's right, you they have the hang of it :)

Sylvia has the right idea! 

Emma says "No way!  I don't like getting buried in the leaves!"

  Holly, though thinks it's great fun!

After a while, she comes up with leave clothes as a they all stuck to her sweater :0

Then she decided they'd look cool as hair decorations!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wanna Play?!

Emma and Debbie throw around a foam block.  Emma throw it and then says, "There you go!"  Expecting Debbie to go get it, then in the next video, they switch roles :)

Would you just look how much fun it is?!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One Of Our Little Entertainers

Emma LOVES music!!  We often watch a show called the X Factor and Emma loves to stand in front of it and sing along. Though it's a bit loud, we thought you might enjoy seeing her perform too.  She uses a glow stick as her microphone--believe me, nothing else would do!  Shortly before this performance someone picked up "her" glow stick and "borrowed" it for a few minutes :)  She had a fit an episode until it was returned so  she could go on singing :0  After all, how can one expect a singer to perform without the proper equipment?!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Little Cuties!

What are you up to Mollie?!  (She's got an idea.) Are you bored?

She gathers everyone (these three girls are home each afternoon while the other 2 older ones are at school) and gets them to play a game of follow the leader.

When that didn't last too long, she gets Debbie to follow her lead.

Oh, wait!! That tickles--no fair Debbie!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Makin' Beautiful Hair!

Mollie is our family's beautician but Emma often gets involved too.  Debbie doesn't mind being the subject of Mollie's beautification.  "Hold still" she says, "this won't hurt a bit."

Mollie's working hard on Debbie's hair but Emma, the other beautician, received a phone call in the middle of her beauty session--and she just had to take it! "Sorry honey, you'll just have to wait. This is important!"

Emma gets excited about something. (yes, this is a happy laugh, not a crying face)  Perhaps it was to do with the phone call Emma?!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making Cupcakes!


Though not every time we make something, we try to get the girls involved in cooking when we have a bit more time such as weekends.  We decided we needed wanted some pumpkin cupcakes one day.  Everyone got a chance to help--even if it was just stirring.  They LOVE doing stuff like that!!

Debbie wasn't sure what to think of all this.  

Emma's been here awhile and is an old pro at it.  It never gets old, does it Emma?!  By the way, Mollie got a chance to stir too, I just never could get a picture of her doing it. She often moves too fast and all my pictures were blurry of her stirring :0

Holly too enjoys helping and as an older child, has more opportunity to help. She's our toast maker and often  enjoys doing other odd cooking tasks when asked.

Holly sets the papers in the pan......

And Mollie.....she's wondering if Holly is watching?!!  What are you thinking of doing Mollie?!  We know that mischievous look little one :)

Emma wonders what else can she do to help?  Perhaps taste test something?!!

The younger girls sat at the other side of the table and watched intently, excitedly!

Then Mollie began to clap and cheer after each ingredient was added to the bowl!  Before long, she had all the girls doing that.  They knew that something yummy was coming their way soon and they couldn't wait!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Elise Has A Birthday!

This week, on Wednesday, Elise turned 15!!  Having just had a couple of other birthdays in the Forever Home recently, Elise decided not to have a cake.  Instead, she decided to do a birthday dip "cake."  It's a 6 layer dip that I'd not made here in China (so she'd never had it), but used to make it often with our two older children when we still lived in the states.  They used to LOVE it and when I suggested several alternatives to cake, Elise decided to give it a try.  Did she like it?!  Not too great, but rather decided she'd opt for the traditional cake next year :)  Some of us really liked it though and who knows, it may end up as another's birthday "cake" sometime.

As traditional here in China, she serves her guests.

Elise, Emma, and Holly pose for a birthday picture.  Would you just look at those beautiful girls!  We are so blessed!

Debbie and Sylvia enjoyed their dip.

Mollie tried it but decided it just wasn't her cup of tea.

Then there are, of course, gifts from everyone.  Some of the girls made her some cards and pictures.  Those are always special!

Surely wouldn't be a birthday around here without getting some spicy long mushrooms!  Most all our girls love them!

And some jewelry!

Just a side note:  Since we couldn't post for a large portion of November (we missed so many days posting), I have already done posts with the pictures I already have for the whole month of November, so tune in everyday for a new post. And also as things come up, I'll add those in so some days there might be more than one post a day.  Hope this isn't terribly annoying for anyone.  I apologize ahead if it is, so sorry!

Another New Cutie, And That Makes A Full House!!

Please welcome our newest Forever Home girl who arrived late last night!  Her English name to be announced later, hopefully on Monday we're told.  And that makes for a full Forever Home!!

It's Hot Pot Time Again!!

Though you can eat hot pot all year long, it is eaten more in the cold winter months.  The girls all LOVE hot pot!  It's always a fun meal and special time.

Some of you may be wondering about Jasmine, one of the new girls who came at the end of October.  Though it was a very tough decision, New Day decided to return her to her home orphanage. Her needs were just too great for us to properly help her at this time.  We continue to lift her up and believe that He has a different plan to help her.

Elise, Elizabeth, and Shawna enjoying some spicy hot pot.  The great thing about this pot is it's got a divider so we can do spicy on one side and regular on the other.  

Debbie looks on in awe of this new way of eating.  I'm sure it's the first time she's experienced such a thing.

Emma thinks hot pot is great to eat and fun too!  That is with the exception of the yucky green vegetables she's not terribly fond of but learning to like better all the time :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving From The Forever Home!!

Today, on Friday, the Foster Home had their annual Thanksgiving party and dinner for the children.  Everyone needs their face painted, right Debbie?!  This is probably her first experience of this.

Emma knows just what to do.  She even picked up one of the face paint markers and had a go of it on herself!  So wished I'd been fast enough to catch that picture!

Mollie has a look in the mirror after hers is done.  Looks good Mollie!!

Sylvia was pretty pleased with hers too!

Emma thought she they did a great job!

Holly got several flowers on her face!

What a feast they had!!

Mollie wonders if I'm done taking her picture so she can get back to her food :)

I think there's a little indian in the house!

Mollie thought her food was pretty yummy!

Debbie thinks everyday should be Thanksgiving!

Sylvia, I think your hat is a little big!  Other than that, she had a wonderful time.

Shawna helped little Esther eat some Thanksgiving stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy.  No, she's not a Forever Home girl--but one of the Foster Home girls.

Just the day before, all of New Day's foreign workers, staff, and families had their annual Thanksgiving celebration!  Once a year we are treated with some turkey! YUM!  Elizabeth had never had turkey until yesterday. Yup, that's fried chicken and turkey on her plate!  Just in case the turkey wasn't as good as mom and dad told her it would be.

Elise enjoyed hers :)

Shawna and Page, their friend, also had a good time fellowshipping and being thankful for everything!

Then there were a few turkey games :)