Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lets Skate!

Elizabeth recently decided she wanted to learn to skate. This weekend we took all the girls to skate. Shawna and Elise already each had a pair of roller blades and knew how to use them well. Elizabeth was very eager to learn, and since it was her idea, she went first. While she had a great time, she quickly learned it wasn't nearly as easy as other people, including her sisters, made it look.

Jenna also had to give it a try. Although the skates weighed nearly as much as she did and she had a lot of trouble keeping them going in the direction they needed to go, she got a lot of help from her bigger sister, Shawna, and she had a great time too.

Now comes the expert skater!

It doesn't help matters much to see someone like Elise skate as if it's a piece of cake!! Of course, Elizabeth doesn't realize it didn't come without a lot of practice (and falls) first!

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