Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Refreshments

Our girls love a particular treat called "Lv she tou or Green Tongues." It's rather odd, but they love them anyway. Perhaps that is part of the reason. Recently our local village store began to sell them and our girls were delighted!! Previously they were only found in Beijing and we didn't get there very often so needless to say, they didn't get them as often as they'd like. While it looks like a regular popsicle, as you suck on it, it begins to change form a bit. The only way I know how to describe it is that it is a cross between a regular popsicle and jello. As you suck on it, it begins to become more gelatin like and then stretches, thus the name sake--it looks like a green tongue. The other day some new kids here asked our girls what they liked to eat as far as popsicles--what's good?! Naturally, they told them they loved these. However, when they tried them, they really didn't care for them. They said "I thought you said they were good!" They found them gross and unappetizing. I guess it just goes to show you--to each his own!!

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