Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Kid On The Block

So this is Sylvia and she is transitioning well into our home.  She is quite happy and smiles a lot.  As you can see she is getting along with Emma and Molly. They enjoy laughing and playing with each other.  

Sitting on daddy's lap.

Who want's to play follow the leader?

It's snack time, and because the weather is warm out, we get to have bingbongs!!(popsicles)

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trampoline Time

New Day has a small trampoline that the younger kids play on from time to time.  

I think you girls have it wrong, you're supposed to be on top not underneath!

Now, that's more like it.  The older girls went underneath to give the little ones a few bouncy bounces since they seemed to have some trouble doing it on their own.  I think they enjoyed it, what do you think?!

Though we tried to get them to bounce it on their own, in the end it just didn't happen much.  

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sleeping Babes

Emma has outgrown naps.  I know it's hard to believe (she'll soon to be 5 years old though), but if we give her a nap in the afternoons, she tosses and turns in her bed for 2 hours before drifting off in a sound sleep.  Soooo we did away with her afternoon naps and she's done great, going to sleep shortly after her head hits the pillow.  Then one particular afternoon while Mollie was taking her afternoon nap, Emma, who normally plays quietly until Mollie gets up, gets extra quiet.  I look up and find her fast asleep atop a baby doll and just couldn't resist taking a picture!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Holly, Such A Lovely Girl

Written by:
Hannah Samuels, New Day Social Coordinator
Photos by:
Randy and Rita Rippee, Forever Home Managers

When Holly first arrived in our care, it was obvious that she had grown up, limited, in a too-small world. At 11 years old, Holly’s love tank was at a deficit, and her education below that of a preschooler. We set right to work, providing her with pretty new clothes, friends, loving foster parents and hugs whenever she desired, which was all of the time. We also started her with teachers in our backyard school for older children.

We’ve witnessed a beautiful transformation in Holly these past seven months. Her smile is brighter and she loves to look pretty. When she was first given the opportunity to pick out some new cloths, she didn’t choose any dresses. Today, however, Holly is wearing a beautiful white dress and is showing off her cute hairstyle to anyone who will look.

There’s something special about Holly. While she craves love and affirmation desperately, when we pour into her, she immediately pours right back out. Holly loves hugs, but she doesn’t just receive them; she gives them generously.

Holly has had very little previous formal teaching and is significantly behind her peers academically.  Currently she is being taught in our classroom with private teachers.   She is enjoying learning and has made some progress.  She is learning Math as well as reading and writing Chinese and some English. Her skills are currently at the preschool/kindergarten level.  She communicates well, although her language skills are significantly behind her age peers. 

She is delayed, she has limitations, but those limitations are only on the surface, academically etc. Inside, Holly is no less a person than if she had the potential of the smartest child in the world. She is whole and complete and wonderful for just being herself.

Step into the backyard at any free moment of Holly’s day and she will be sure to run up to you and eagerly point out her outfit, demonstrate a new toy or tell you something that she just learned. There’s an enthusiasm about Holly that’s beautifully contagious.

Holly loves to help out and thrives on encouragement and praise.

She is a very special girl.

We are so blessed and privileged to be apart of her life, and long for the day when she will have a forever family of her very own to be apart of it too.