Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hannah's Home!!

We are so thrilled to have Hannah back home!! She looks good and so much older! I don't know how she can age so much in only a month and a half, but others that saw her today said the very same thing. While I'm sure she is happy to see her family again, she is a bit standoffish with Randy and I. I think he finally got a hug out of her tonight. I went and picked her up at the hospital and she has this love/hate thing going with me for sure. One minute she is huggin me, the next she is pinching, hitting or scratching me!! I interpret that to mean that she loves and missed me, but is very upset at me for leaving her there in the hospital for so long. I'm sure after some time, she will come around and things will be like they were before she left. Only better now as her health should greatly improve and we look forward to seeing her take off physically and be able to do so many of the things she couldn't do before! We might even have trouble keeping up with her after she gets to feeling better!!


  1. So glad that Hannah is is a beautiful sight to see all the girls sitting around the table!!! I'm praying that she transitions back into the swing of things smoothly!

  2. Oh how glad I am she is back! Her hair is adorable and she looks so happy!

  3. I'm so thankful Hanna finnally home! Now she can grow strong physically and emotionally with your love.