Monday, December 31, 2012

Enjoying A Book

The girls LOVE books and can't seem to ever get enough of looking at them or having them read to them!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Doin' Hair!!

These girls LOVE doin' each other's hair!  Someone is always getting their hair fixed at our house it seems and the other day I looked over and saw them all lined up on the couch doing each other's hair, I just couldn't resist taking a picture!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Forever Home Christmas 2012

A Christmas gift from far away.  Thanks Catherine!

Dad gets a self-stirring mug from Shawna and Elise.  Pretty cool, huh?!

Camilla gets some new toys, of which she is scared of at first :0

No one gets left out at Christmas, not even the dog!  He's a member of the family too, right Tiny?!

Zoe has now learned the art of ripping open gifts!

Emma, however, has a more delicate touch to opening gifts.

Mollie says she likes all these musical toys!

The whole gang on Christmas morning opening gifts!

Can't forget about the stockings, right Sylvia?!

A large gift from mom and dad for all the younger Forever Home girls!  And boy have they enjoyed it!

Holly thinks Christmas ought to come every week!  I'm so glad it doesn't though!

Debbie enjoys unwrapping gifts too!

Making Something Yummy!

As one of the older girls, Sylvia enjoys every opportunity to make something yummy!  Big sister Elise was making something one day and she asked to help.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Decorating Christmas Cookies!!

Shawna demonstrates how to decorate the cookies while Zoe excitedly watches.

Then she tries it for herself!

Debbie gives it a whirl too!

Mollie thinks it's pretty great!

Emma puts on the finishing touches to her cookie!  Gotta have some pretty sprinkles!

And now, TASTING!!!

Opps, decorating and eating cookies can be kinda messy, right Zoe?!!

Mollie thinks they're pretty yummy.

Uh oh!  This was not the tasting phase Emma! I see a bit of icing on your've clearly been tasting, huh?! It was supposed to be the decorating phase only :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas From The Forever Home!!

Getting them to pose, smile, and all look the same way for a picture was no easy task :) 

Stockings all hung in a row just waiting to be filled on Christmas!  Can't you just feel the excitement in our home?!  We surely can!!








Shawna, Elise, and Elizabeth!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

2 Birthdays on the Same Day!!

Zoe Turns 5 and Sylvia Turns 6!!

On Saturday we celebrated 2 birthdays, Zoe and Sylvia's!!  That's a first for us--2 birthdays on the same day!

Zoe cuts her cake.

Then Sylvia cuts her cake.

Don't you just LOVE a child's excitement at opening gifts?!!

An electronic drum!  Wow!! 

Sylvia was also quite excited to open her presents on her big day!!

A hand clapper and an electronic keyboard (not pictured)!  Our neighbors are just gonna LOVE us for awhile, huh?!  Now we have two electronic drums, two electronic keyboards, a hand clapper, two tamborines, and an electronic keyboard in the house--plus other noisy things I've probably forgotten at the moment :)  

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snowmen and Angels

It's dogpile!!

Elise and Sylvia

Shawna and Emma

Shawna and Sylvia

Holly has a rest on top of the base of the snowman.

Emma thought that looked like fun so she had to have a try.

Sylvia had a chance too :)

Holly makes a snow angel

Sylvia gave it a whirl too