Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gotta Love It!!

The Forever Home dog surely must love living in a house full of girls, ya think?! He often gets dressed up and puts up with a lot of stuff these girls dish out. Most of the time he takes it all in stride, but sometimes, well..........he's had enough!

I know what you're thinking, Tiny "Are you done yet, Shawna?!"

"Okay, this all the 'fun' I can take! I'm totally humiliated. I"m a boy dog you know, not a dolly you can just dress up as you please!!"

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Shirts

Recently a group came and blessed all the Forever Home girls with a new t-shirt---Lee University shirts!! Needless to say, the girls were excited and loved their new shirts.

What a lovely bunch of girls!!

The girls with some of their group.

Serena poses for a picture with her new shirt!

We hadn't even left New Day when they all decided they'd like to change into their new shirts! Beautiful ladies! Thanks Lee University for blessing our girls with the shirts and all you've done for them while you were here with us!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ridin' Bikes

Aren't you supposed to actually get on that thing and ride it instead of pushing it Jenna?!!

I thought this was a cute video of Jenna and Serena. Hope you like it too!

You Are My Sunshine!!

Recently we had a small group of ladies who came to visit New Day. They had many talents, but one of them was painting wall murals. While most were done inside the foster home, the older girls one day asked their special friend to paint the walls of their classroom out back--especially after seeing the beautiful work they did on the other walls! She was more than happy to oblige and even let them help a bit by getting it started. Oh, how I wish I'd had my camera to take a picture of the girls helping her paint!! We went home then and she finished up and WOW, look at what she created!! Thank you Paige!! They'll surely remember you every time they walk into their beautiful classroom!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Need of Repair

Jenna helps out dad while he's taking a break from fixing bikes.

After the long winter, it seems as if all the bikes have needed some kind of repair lately. From new tires, to training wheels, to just many different adjustments in bike seats and handle bars as we've grown so over the winter-- he seems to spend much time these days repairing the girls' bikes. What would we do without you dad?!! Don't get me wrong, not that dads are just good for repairing bikes--it's just another reminder of the many things dad does!! Thank you dad!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Whole Gang

No, this picture isn't some special place we've visited, it's right in our backyard. The apartment complex we live in has some beautiful outdoor pagoda's, exercise equipment, and park-like settings. It's a beautiful place for relaxing (for mom and dad) and playing...riding your bike, blowing bubbles, playing Barbies and all the things girls enjoy doing. Isn't it a lovely place? Though it's sometimes hard to get all the girls together for a group picture, today we managed. Aren't they the most beautiful set of girls you've ever seen?!!!

And this is a close up picture.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Havin' Fun

What a picture of loveliness! They look like they're havin' fun, don't they?!

Hannah wonders why I'm taking her picture.

Elizabeth takes Jenna for a ride on the teeter totter.

Although it may look like Jenna is riding through the bushes in this picture, she isn't. There's a small path between the two sets of shrubs.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School Projects

The girls often have fun school projects--or at least we try to make them fun ones.

This week, Elise and Shawna had one in their Family and Consumer Science class. They've been studying Child Development and have had some fun projects like making a toy, checking toy quality, changing diapers (tell you about that one in a few:)), and this one was making their own finger paints. They then had to finger paint like a 4 year old--ha!

Do they need another reason to get all messy?!! I guess that's half the fun though, isn't it?!

Since other girls are home, they got to join in the fun. Elizabeth really liked getting her hands dirty creating some beautiful artwork!

Jenna decided to get funny on me when she knew I was taking pictures and stuck her tongue out for the picture. It did make for a cute picture anyway Jenna!

Then I got this picture of her laughing after she'd done the deed! Thank you Jenna, I got a great picture after-all!!

Shawna & Elise have been studying Child Development and have had a few projects in that class. Their last one involved changing a diaper, both disposable and cloth. That was fun! Though we used a simulated baby (a life-sized baby doll) and recreated the poo with mashed potatoes and a bit of food coloring, they did learn some very valuable lessons--like if you end up with a bit of "poo" on your face when your done, well...that's not a good thing at all--especially if it was for real! Better practice some more girls! They had a great time doing it and we all had a few laughs. I still say they should have used a real child!


This is one of our neighbor dogs and the girls absolutely adore this dog! He is such a good dog and very gentle. He's very playful and loves our girls too.

Elizabeth and Hannah can't get enough of Mao Mao!!

Oh yeah this is the life! Don't forget to rub my belly Mao Mao says!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Have a Match!!

We are sooo happy and pleased to report that Elizabeth has been matched!! She will be an American girl soon!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

What is more precious than a sleeping child?!!

Though Jenna doesn't take naps anymore, every now and then, she falls asleep on the couch, someones lap or etc and takes a short nap.

Everyone has someone they are especially close to and for Jenna that is Shawna. Let me tell ya--the feeling is mutual! Naturally, we look forward to the day Jenna is united with her forever family. It is something we hope and believe for all our Forever Home girls. Nothing could be better! We know that it is the best thing that could possibly happen to them. To have a family they can call their own--FOREVER!!

We will never forget any one of these girls and we have hoped to have helped better prepare them for their forever families. It is a sacrifice (we very willingly make) sometimes, but OHHHHHH the blessings they have brought us!!

No--sorry, we still haven't any word on when Jenna will be leaving us. In the meantime, we just continue to love on her and prepare her for that special day when she meets her new mom and dad--her forever mom and dad! You guys are one blessed couple!