Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wonderful Blessings!

This week we received several big blessings at our home. One of them happened to be in the form of a care package from our home church. They really blessed us with not only one, but three boxes full of goodies! They sent us some special requests like cold medicines, baking goods, toys for each of the girls, and various items. I have to tell you, when we get a package around here, I feel like I'm being mobbed when I walk in the front door!! The girls all want to know what's in the bag or box and aren't satisfied until they get to see it. When these boxes came in, some girls were in school/preschool at New Day and dad was at work. I set them on the table and told them they'd have to wait to open them when EVERYONE returned home. I happened to be snapping a picture of the girls staring anxiously at the boxes when Jenna displayed her utter frustration at being made to wait!! One of the many outbursts we commonly see out of Jenna around here. I just never caught it on camera before:)
Everyone anxiously awaits dad to open the boxes and he just can't do it fast enough for them!
This is a picture of all the goodies they sent! Fantastic!! They really blessed us! Thank you so much from the entire Forever Home!!