Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cooking for 100+ People!

Yesterday evening, the school had a Western style BBQ with grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken wings,and coleslaw. Several people had a part in helping prepare the food. Some cooked the burgers, hotdogs, and chicken wings. Our family was in charge of the coleslaw and dill pickles. Since you can't buy dill pickles here, we've made ours homemade here for several years now. Naturally, they thought we ought to bring the pickles! We also made the coleslaw so that's what we did several hours in the afternoon yesterday--chopped cabbage, carrots, onions and made the dressing. All the girls got to join in the fun--even those who don't handle knives yet. There was stirring to be done and pulling the outer leaves off the cabbage before being cut. The girls love to help out when they can and we let them as much as possible. Although, we had to watch closely as they prepared the cabbage to be cut. Instead of just pulling a couple of the outer leaves off, they just wanted to keep going. If we'd not stopped them, all the cabbage would've ended up in the trash! As it turned out, they estimated about 130 at the BBQ! The girls had a great time, however, since Hannah wasn't yet able to get out for such events yet, Elise and I stayed home with her. They brought a couple of burgers and hotdogs home for us. It was good!

Elise, who'd love to make cooking her profession, tries her skills of chopping cabbage two-handed!

Shawna and dad busy chopping!

Elizabeth stirring the coleslaw--after we washed good first, by the way! What's more fun in cooking than getting your hands right in there?!!

Elise and Elizabeth working.


  1. The girls look like pros in the kitchen! And I cannot quite grasp cooking/making coleslaw and pickles for that number of people!
    (If you have a good dill pickle recipe to share I'd love one btw!)
    I just love these photos of the Forever Home ... beautiful family.

  2. I'll be sure to send it to you via email. If I forget, please do not hesitate to remind me! It's a refrigerator pickle recipe. We make about 4 jars at once as the girls can easily finish one off in a single setting.