Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Zoe!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lizzie Turns 12!!

It's hard to believe, but Elizabeth is now 12 years old!  It certainly doesn't seem like it's been 4 years since she first came to us at the age of 8 in need of major heart surgery.  My how time flies!  Just look at her now....she's growing up fast!

Cutting the cake and serving it to her guests as is customary here.

That's right, she asked for a remote control car for her birthday and has loved playing with it!

Recently Lizzie learned to knit and so Elise got her some yarn for many hours of knitting pleasure.  She's now working on a scarf, but has also made some hot pads and coasters for use around the house.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Beautiful Girls


These are the most recent pictures we have of our girls that have now left.  Please enjoy and feel free to pass them on :)

 Debbie and Mollie







Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beautiful Memories

This normal every day what we miss the most.  Just sitting and watching them play around the house--admiring each girls' uniqueness.

What a joy these girls have been to us!  Though we don't know why they were here for only a short time, we are certain that they were here for a purpose.  If, for no other reason, it was to help advocate families for each one--something we hope continues in others all over after seeing them on our blog.

Playing babies was one of their favorite past-times.

That and cooking, which was often combined.  Babies gotta eat, right?!

Such wonderful memories these girls have brought us and we only hope that we made a difference in their lives as well-even if only for a short while.

We love and miss each one of you beautiful girls!

You'll be forever etched in our hearts!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Very, Very Sad Farewells

I'm afraid we have very sad news :((  Last night we had to say farewell to 3 of these girls, Sylvia, Emma, and Debbie. Due to a recent change in policy concerning this particular orphanage (hopefully no others are to follow), they were recalled by their orphanage and had to return there.  Mollie was only allowed to stay due to the fact that she is matched and her parents will be arriving in a few months to get her.  However, she is no longer allowed to live in the Forever Home, but must move into New Day Foster Home. We are grateful that at least she didn't have to return to her home orphanage, though we have clung to the hope, right up until the end, that perhaps a reversal in decision for the other 3 would happen, but alas, it did not :((

They left on the train last night and to say we are deeply saddened......well.....that just doesn't accurately describe our feelings about the matter.  However, as much as we didn't want them to go, we must comply and respect their decision.  Therefore, we will not be posting anything negative online about the authorities or orphanages and would respectfully ask that any of you do the same.  You see, we love our work here and have been blessed to help so many of  these children and would never want to jeopardize what we do by speaking ill of those in authority here as it can, and has in the past to others living here, have a profound negative affect on what we are allowed to do and even being able to live here.  Thanks for respecting our request in posting only positive comments!

I can't tell you how much we'll miss them and how deeply we love them... They will forever be in our hearts and not a day will go by that we don't think of or lift them up.....for safety and protection....for them to someday have forever families..........for them to be loved by others around them........for them to be happy and healthy.

It has been a very difficult week for the girls and for us.  Debbie and Mollie had a very good understanding of the change about to take place in their lives.  Sylvia had some understanding too we could tell.

A few pictures as we say good-bye to our girls.

Holly says good-bye to Sylvia.

Bundling up warm for the trip.

Telling Emma good-bye and how much we love and will miss her.

The girls were all very excited at the idea of getting to ride on the train.

Going out the door, Emma waves bye-bye.

Sylvia already headed down the stairs with her nanny.

And as if that wasn't hard enough..... this morning we had to say good-bye to Mollie, who moved over to New Day Foster Home.  Though we are quite thankful that we still get to see her, but...........just isn't the same having her in our home :((

Checking out her new room in the foster home with all the special clothes, gifts, books, and other things close to her heart from very special people in her life.

Note:  I have to apologize for the long blog silence.  I just wanted to take a short break after Christmas and New Years as it was such a busy time.  Then........I found out 4 of our girls were leaving.............and well...........after that, I just didn't feel like doing posts.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013