Friday, June 4, 2010

That's Some Hard Playing

What happens to a girl when she plays this hard? Well, she can't stay awake long enough to put together her puzzle!! Only the young are capable of this sort of thing! I can't imagine doing this myself. Anyway, couldn't pass up the cuteness of such a picture! I quickly found out that if I put Jenna in bed for a nap, all she does is cry and never ends up with a nap. Soooooooo, instead I just let her get tired and usually she crawls up on the couch for a 15 minute power nap, but today she just didn't make it to the couch!!


  1. I have TONS of pictures of my little ones crashed out on the floor or in a chair! It's just too cute!!! :)

  2. Is there ever a dull moment at your house?!?! I love it! The girls are great, and I'm sure keep you guys on your toes. Thank you for capturing all their beautiful smiles, and raising them to reach the potential that they were fearfully and wonderfully made for. :0)