Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Our Turn In the Kitchen

Finally, it is the little girls' turn in the kitchen again. The wait for a little one can seem like a lifetime, but finally the time comes. Jenna and Hannah were not disappointed!! They had a blast making something simple like pudding. This is a special treat provided by someone who sent the Forever Home a care package. With most of it being baking goods, the girls have had much fun in the kitchen and then there's the eating too!!

And then there's the tasting!! Every good cook must taste their creations to be sure they are fit to serve others!! Right?!!


  1. I'm so glad the pudding was a hit! I'll definitely keep that on my list!!

  2. It is a huge hit at our house!! It's quick and easy to make and kids love it! Thanks so much for blessing us with that!