Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Precious Hannah!

We are soooo happy to have Hannah back with us!! While I thought her transition back into the family would take awhile,to our surprise, it didn't take as long as we thought and it seems like we have our old Hannah back--only with a new heart!! With that said, I have to tell you a cute little story about her. Just yesterday, I had to take her to New Day to see the doctor there for a check up. She is feeling so much better and no longer has blue fingers and toes, and doesn't get out of breath anymore. Elizabeth had her hand walking with her and Serena's teacher and I were talking, walking just behind her when I looked up only to see her getting up off the ground. Obviously she'd fallen and I first thought perhaps she'd tripped. When I questioned her however, I got a different story. She said, with a huge smile on her face, "wo pao le mama!!" Translated that means "I ran, mom!!" Something she could never do before! She seemed surprised and elated all at the same time! Mom, on the other hand, told her she better not run for awhile as she still needs to heal from her surgery and should be doing NO strenuous activity! At the same time, I was so happy for her!! Although she skinned her arm up, it is something she is very proud of, by the way!! Each time she tells someone she ran and got a boo boo, it's hard to do anything but smile and laugh! We really look forward to seeing her health take off in the next 6 months. It is something we see with all the heart kids once their surgery is done and they've had ample time to heal. Currently Hannah is only one month from having major open heart surgery so she needs plenty of time to allow her heart to heal before participating in any strenuous activity--even if she feels like it! It's really hard to keep them down once they feel so much better!!


  1. Yeah, Hannah! Even though I know she needs to keep her energy down, it is wonderful that she wants to run and has the energy to do it! So exciting to hear!

  2. I am SO glad that Hannah is feeling good enough to RUN!!! What a joy!!!