Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let's Make Some Brownies!

Every chance the girls get, they like to cook. Since they are still in school, they just don't get that many opportunities right now. However, weekends are a good time for such things! We recently received some baking supplies from someone in the states and they decided to make some brownies. Something we never really get here, perhaps only a handful of times. Shawna and Elise, who just recently started cooking, got to show Serena and Elizabeth the ropes of cooking. While all the girls would have preferred to help, you know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen! I felt 4 was enough this time as Jenna got to help Shawna and Elise just the day before make some pudding we'd received in the care package from the states. Hanna is still recovering from her recent heart surgery. Jenna wasn't none too pleased with that decision so the girls felt the need to shut the kitchen door to keep her at bay. A bit later when she didn't return to the front room, I went to see where she was and discovered her doing the next best thing. If she couldn't be in the kitchen, she just went and got her stool and stood at the window watching it all! Serena apparently got tired of waiting for her turn to do the next step and sat down in the kitchen floor! (Oh, and if you're wondering what the sock is doing on Jenna's hand, it's because she has a fungus on her fingers and we're trying to treat it. She's not supposed to get it wet and the sock keeps her fingers out of her mouth and keeps her from playing in the water, thus keeping it try and clean. This way she also can't suck all the medicine off when I put it on. You know that can't be too good for you to eat either!) See, that's the problem with too many cooks. There's only so much each can do. Don't worry girls, some day we'll have a bigger kitchen and there'll be room for more of you to help out!! These are special times in a girl's life when she can learn skills that some day will be oh so valuable to her family. For the last several years, Elise has expressed interest in making it her profession even. She loves to cook and it would be a good fit for her. Of course, first I told her she needed to get through high school!!

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  1. It is wonderful to see that the items sent were a hit with the girls. A fan of chocolate myself, I too would have made brownies or chocolate chip cookies very soon after receiving the goodies! I'm just glad that they were all able to pitch in and help (even if Jenna's job was only to supervise :o)

    Thanks for sharing!!