Saturday, June 26, 2010


Recently it has been nice and warm here so New Day Foster Home invited the Forever Home girls to use their pool. I knew the girls would be excited and have had a great time playing in the water. Last week we went twice. I'm sure it will quickly become a fun summertime activity with our girls! Hannah is still recovering from surgery and was not allowed to participate. She was quite unhappy and I really feel sad about that, but.... Next week, however, we are taking the girls to a bigger pool in a village close-by. Since it will then be officially be one month since her surgery, she will be allowed to attend on a limited basis. Although she still is restricted to limited physical activity, she can sit in the pool in a floaty and enjoy the water. We are quite happy that she can come, but doesn't compare to the excitement she feels!!

The girls quickly figured out that while they were wet, they went down the slide so much faster than normal--kinda like a water slide!

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