Monday, May 31, 2010

We're Sewing Now

A while back, an organization here that donates mostly used items they've received from individuals (kinda like goodwill) to foster homes, orphanages and other people and places in need, asked if there was anything the Forever Home could use. After thinking about it, I decided that a sewing machine would be sooooo helpful. I spend many hours in the evening mending, hemming clothes, and just general sewing. I've always thought how useful a sewing machine would be here and how much faster it would make those tasks, especially with so many little ones now to sew for. Soooo I asked for a sewing machine. They sent a nice used one a few weeks ago. I hadn't had a chance to actually get it out and try it out, but finally had the opportunity a few days ago. Needless to say, the girls thought it was the most amazing thing on earth!! Jenna was especially in awe--she just stood there with a huge smile on her face watching the thread move while other parts moved up and down! She sooo wanted to just touch it!! Elizabeth apparently couldn't resist the urge a few minutes later when I was busy ripping out a seam, she decided to push the pedal down and made it run quite fast by itself. Of course, I warned her not to do it again as she could have made it run over my fingers or someone else's:) Even the dog was curious of such a new and weird sounding machine. We are quite grateful for this wonderful tool! It worked well and should save me many hours of mending. Besides the fact that I'd like to teach the girls a little sewing. While I certainly don't claim to be a seamstress, I think it is good for the girls to learn a bit of basic sewing--some good home ec time! Besides, who knows that this might not be one of the girl's giftings?!! Only time will tell. Some of the older girls are quite excited at getting the opportunity to make something on their own! As soon as school is out in a few weeks, we'll begin some projects!

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  1. What a blessing!!! I'm sure the girls will love learning how to sew! My mother tried to teach me, but I'm FAR from being a seamstress! :)