Friday, May 21, 2010

So Many New Things!

With Serena coming from a background where there weren't many material things, she is just continually amazed at things she sees since coming here. Even little things like stickers, that we gave her, she didn't really know what to do with them. They all ended up on her face as you can see in this picture. For days she walked around the house looking at things and saying "Wow!" Always asking what it was and did. She even seemed to not know what to do with crayons. In the beginning, she only used one crayon, never switching until she saw one of the other children using multiple crayons. She spends a bit of time playing with puzzles and tries to MAKE them fit together! She doesn't seem to get too frustrated, just knows they go together somehow. The washing machine really amazed her and said "Wow, our home didn't have a washing machine!" While we have been having some behavioral issues, we are seeing them become fewer as she is beginning to adjust to her new surroundings. It would make anyone uneasy to be taken from everything and everyone you've ever known, and thrust into a whole new environment with complete strangers! It is totally understandable! She is generally a pretty happy girl who seems to love music. She knows several songs and I hope to catch her on video soon singing something.

Hannah Update

Hannah did not have surgery again this week. We continue to trust that all this is part of His plan, His perfect timing, and it will hopefully happen soon. We miss her terribly and continue to talk to her on the phone each day!


  1. How sweet! The sticker picture is just too cute. Glad Serena is getting settled. Thank you for the update on Hannah too!

    We have bought items for the care package. Tomorrow I hope to go get a box and ship it the first of next week. I will e-mail once it is on it's way!

  2. Oh make me laugh, what a strange, scary and exciting world this must be for you. I love the 'sticker' face :) I hope you find much joy and laughter!

    Oh, poor Hannah! She must be so bored sitting in a hospital room, feeling good, however not allowed to really do the things she is used to. I hope the surgery is soon...then she will be back home (where she belongs) to recover.
    It must be so hard not to see and touch that cute face!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes, we really miss Hannah a lot! Home just isn't the same without her!

  4. A care package! Wonderful! We do enjoy those around here!