Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Car Wash

Our carts have been needing a good washing for several weeks now. They were so dusty that I got tired of looking at all the dirt and decided it was time to take action. We made it a family affair. After-all, it is used by everyone in the whole family. I felt it was only right that we all share in this "fun" activity. Jenna has recently decided that she is big enough to drive the cart! When it is time to leave, she often jumps into the driver's seat only to be disappointed by being sent to the back to ride instead of drive. This particular day,she kept insisting we give her the keys to the cart! She was quite serious too! I had to take her picture. It was just too adorable!

Shawna and Elise joined in by helping clean the inside of the covered cart top to bottom.

Jenna worked on the inside of the smaller cart after we convinced her that she wasn't going to drive away with it!

Elizabeth worked on cleaning the front part of the cart.

Shawna and Elise found a new way to wring out the mop! When full of water, I think the mop is almost as heavy as Shawna! Believe it or not, both carts did get a good cleaning despite all the horsing around! I can now feel good about driving around in it!!

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