Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Other Forever Home Performances!

The other day when Serena was singing for the video camera, others decided they wanted to get in on the fun. Jenna, although she isn't singing, decided to do a short performance. It's a bit short, but cute anyway and I decided to share it. I'm also told that today in preschool class when asked for volunteers to lead a song, Jenna's hand popped up and ran upfront to lead the class. Although she didn't sing, she did do the actions she'd learned to the song. It surely made her feel rather special! You go girl!!

Elizabeth also decided to do a song. Although the "ABC" song is way below her level of learning, that's what she insisted doing. I guess she just felt comfortable enough with that one. You have a beautiful voice Elizabeth. Of course, all our girls do!! I know, I'm not prejudice or anything, just a proud mom!!! They're all very special girls, each in their own way!