Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jenna Goes to the Dentist

On Friday I accompanied Jenna to see the dentist in Beijing. We'd made a trip 2 weeks ago for the first time and he gave me an assignment. Jenna has a top front tooth that was discolored and had a big cavity. Not wanting the cavity to affect her permanent tooth coming in, he asked me to wiggle it 3 times a day until it came out in a week or two. I think Jenna thought I was torturing her though and she wasn't too pleased with the wiggling sessions. Anyway, I'd been doing that for the past 2 weeks and although it wasn't out, it was much looser. It wasn't very loose when I started so we'd made a lot of headway. In the meantime, we'd made another appointment to get the 3 other cavities fixed. The plan was to hopefully get the 3 of them filled that day and she'd not need to visit the dentist then for some time. Does anything go according to plan though?! Jenna had other plans of her own and they didn't include filling any cavities! She was obviously afraid and we still haven't built that trust that says she can believe we aren't out to harm her but help her. She cried and wouldn't hold still so the dentist would not fill those cavities. We are working on a back up plan but may need to wait awhile before we can get those teeth fixed. We definitely do not want them to get bad affecting her permanent teeth. He then pulled the baby tooth we'd been trying to get to come out. Yeah, Jenna was really thrilled with him after that!

This picture was taken on the way home and as you can see, she was terribly traumatized by the whole event! Not really, but she may not be too crazy about going back anytime soon though!

Earlier in the day at preschool that morning, the children all got their faces painted. Later, on the way home, she fell asleep in the car apparently laying her face on the vinyl seat. All I could do was laugh when she got up as she'd apparently got a bit warm, sweating and making the face paint a complete mess!

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  1. I am so glad you all are sharing forever home news! Any news on Hannah's surgery?
    Mama to a New Day beauty!