Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday's Are For Having Fun

Saturday we took the girls all to play at New Day's outdoor playground in the backyard. They especially enjoyed the merry-go-round. Looks like in this picture that Jenna wasn't particularly enjoying it, but she just kept coming back for more!

This is the newest girl to come to the Forever Home. Her English name is Serena. She is 9 and also enjoyed a day in the sunshine. Although it was a bit rough going for the first few hours of her arrival, she seems to be fine now. Don't get me wrong, we know that she will have some set-backs. She was clearly attached to her former foster family and is most certainly grieving her loss. At least now we are seeing her begin to smile and laugh.

Elizabeth gets more beautiful each passing day, don't you think?!!

Elise and Jenna enjoy spending some time playing together. Jenna is learning that having an older sister has some advantages. Something she's not experienced before to our knowledge.


  1. So glad the girls were able to enjoy their play day!

    Welcome Serena!

  2. All your girls are all very pretty...Elizabeth is beautiful & becomes more so with each day, yes!

    Your older girls are so good to their little sisters. I know not all days are sunshine and rainbows :) do give them a hug and say thank you from me.

  3. Yes, I definitely have to agree with you! ALL our girls are beautiful! Each in their own special way. You are right, not all days are sunshine and rainbows, but we know we have to take the good with the bad knowing in the end that we are all blessed by loving one another. You are right about our 2 older girls being good to their little sisters. They are a big help and we appreciate that so much. We are very proud of them!