Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just Hangin Out

Let's see, still no news on Hannah's surgery. They said it'd be sometime after the May holiday which is tomorrow. Hope it is soon as I know she's got to be quite bored. Try containing a very active little girl in a small room for a week! Now after her surgery, she may be a bit easier to contain--for awhile. Hopefully the nanny who is staying with her is very entertaining! We talk to her every day and she really seems to miss her music and all the English nursery rhymes she's used to doing in preschool and at home. We are working on getting her set up with something to play all those nursery rhymes to help pass her time there. When I go in on surgery day, I will pass it off to the nanny. I'm sure she'll be thrilled! The nanny may get tired of hearing it though, but at least it will help entertain her! When we call, we always end up doing more singing of those rhymes than talking! Yesterday, she surprised us when SHE called us. I'm sure her nanny actually made the call, but we're assuming she bugged her enough she gave us a call instead of waiting for us to call her! We miss her so much and can't wait for her return. These are just some random photos I've taken around the house. Jenna wants to be like the big girls and ride her own bike only she isn't quite there yet. For now she is happy to pretend! The girls also often get out the play-dough and have fun making things with that. Doesn't Hannah look like she is so deep in thought in that one picture?! Looks like she is pondering something very serious:) Jenna and Shawna have some fun together. Don't let Hannah see you wearing her sunglasses, Jenna! The picture of Elizabeth is taken during her home school studies. It is reading time and she is doing so well! She continues to amaze all the foreigners and Chinese by her English speaking skills. They remember when she first came (which wasn't all that long ago, July) and she knew absolutely no English, now that is practically all she uses! She has grown and matured in so many ways! It's sometimes hard to believe she is the same girl! Then there's the picture of Jenna "playing with" or is that aggravating our dog?! Sometimes it is a very fine line!!

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  1. Jenna's smiling...Yeah! Cute girl . She seems to be improving, ? , I sure hope so. Very cute about the breakfast and cleanup. :)
    10 months to learn English...Elizabeth...Wow! Very pretty girl, too.
    Your Shawna is just a beautiful as my Shauna! ;)
    Thank you for the update on Hannah, I've been thinking about her alot.
    Actually, you are all in my thoughts and prayers daily!