Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where Do I Sit Now?!!

Dad's lap used to be reserved pretty much exclusively for our family dog, Tiny, the past couple of years. (Our daughters felt they'd become too big to sit on dad's lap any longer.) And that's exactly where you'd always find him unless he was mad at dad for some reason. Then he'd sit on mom's lap just to make dad jealous. It's hard to imagine dogs would be capable of such, but I tell you, it's true!! With the addition of several new children to our home this past year, now poor Tiny must share the lap time. I have to tell you, he doesn't give it up easily! If you'll notice in this picture, he is still holding his own (barely)with a place near dad. Although he's not exactly on his lap, he found just enough room beside it, tucked away in a small space only he could fit. If he could only talk!! He often has this look like "Geeze, I was here first!!" Our whole family has gone through many changes with the addition of these lovely girls coming into our home. I have to tell ya, the dog is no exception! Although chihuahua's are known to have difficulty adjusting to new family members and such, I have to say he's done pretty well under the circumstances. Before,it used to take him several days to adjust to a new person. Now, the same day he's pretty good with them as long as they don't make any sudden moves! He's a good dog and all of us love him very much!! The kids especially enjoy him and it's good for them to learn to love and care for pets. We hope to keep him around for a long time!


  1. We had a min pin as our first "baby". Even called her that until we found out our first human baby was due! We joked that she had an uncanny ability to "roll" her eyes, like teenagers are wanton to do. With each new human addition, we could see her roll her eyes as my DH walked in the door with another baby in a carrier!

    She would have been right where your Tiny is, trying to find a tiny spot only she could fill. She weighed only about 6 pounds herself. She was good with our children though and would ferociously fend off any would-be predators toward me or them.

    Dogs are so fun! Don't you wish they could talk sometimes?!

  2. Wouldn't that be cool if they could talk?!!! Oh, the things they'd probably say!