Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update on Hannah

We received new information this morning from the hospital that Hannah's surgery will not be scheduled until after the May holiday which is May1st-3rd. Unfortunately that puts her being in the hospital for at least a whole week before she even has her surgery. We will let you know when it is scheduled. They told us that there were a couple of young babies who's cases were more urgent so they will go first. We are still hopeful that she will need to stay only 7 days after her surgery before returning home. When asked if our family could visit her, we were reminded of the rules that stated NO visitors allowed. The head nurse did say they might make an exception for me, one person, to visit after 4pm, but that is not guaranteed we will be able to get past the guards. They advised that we talk to her on the phone. They also reminded our medical staff that they were already making an exception of allowing an adult to stay with her. They stated she was way past the age where they allowed adults to stay with the children. We (New Day Foster Home) do have special favor with them and that is why they allowed it. However, we all know that although miss Hannah is 8, she is emotionally only 3 1/2 or 4 years old. Regardless, we are fortunate they've allowed us favor in that area as they aren't required to do that. We talked to Hannah again last night on the phone and she was especially excited to be able to talk with dad this time. She insisted again that we sing some of her favorite nursery rhymes to her on the phone! She is so cute and we really miss her so. It is very quiet around the house without her! Just doesn't seem right! Jenna has also been quite easily upset since Hannah has gone to the hospital. Although we've told her that she is in the hospital and will be back in a while, she has only been with us less than a month now. We are still building up that trust that says what I say is exactly what I mean. It takes time to build that up. Jenna has been especially irritable since. No telling what is going through her little mind. She may be thinking that she just came to this place she likes and is beginning to feel like home. Now someone leaves and she may be wondering if she is next. She has been moved multiple times and so it is understandable that she may think that. Who knows what she may be thinking? All she knows is things have changed, her roommate/playmate has left and she doesn't know if they're coming back for sure. All we can do is love and reassure her until Hannah's return. Come home soon Hannah!!

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  1. We're praying for Hannah and her upcoming surgery, and will pray for Jenna's adjustment to the situation as well. Wish I could hug both of those girls! :)