Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What'd You Bring Us?!

Every body knows when you go on a trip--you ALWAYS bring the kids something back!!

The girls were missed sooo much while we were on our trip to the US!! Randy, Shawna, and Elise were able to return on the 17th, but mom and Elizabeth needed to stay behind to finish up Elizabeth's citizenship and obtain the necessary paperwork to return again to our home in China.

One of the things we brought back was new puzzles. They have really enjoyed them!

Lena's smile says it all, doesn't it?!!

Wow, Hannah, yours is finished! Looking great!

Just a quick update: Sorry the blogs have been a little slow. I know you guys have been missin' your kids, but I've been quite busy trying to get us back to China! Let's see, we had an option at the end of last week--leave in about 11 days or stay for another possible 4-6 weeks. Well.........duh--we chose the 11 days!! However, that meant making a trip to Chicago--an 8 or 9 hour drive from us. It was to get Elizabeth's passport expedited so we drove up on Sunday, stayed the night and then obtained her passport on Monday. Yes!! Success!!! Then we drove back that night and I've been very busy getting her visa application in the mail today--also expedited so we can leave next week!! Though we haven't quite finalized the airfare yet, (a mere technicality) we plan to leave next Thursday and arrive in China on Friday afternoon. Can't tell you how excited we are to get back home and see our kiddos!! We've missed them so! Keep us lifted up that all goes well--we'll keep you posted!

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