Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Time of Firsts

For Elizabeth, so many things have been a first since arriving here in the states. For the rest of the older forever home girls, it will be much the same when you bring them to the states--so enjoy! It's a very exciting time for us and for them! We have had a blast showing her and seeing her experience all these new things.

This was Elizabeth's first time on a trampoline. She, as well as Shawna and Elise, had a blast playing on my sister's trampoline. She is pictured here with her older brother, Josh. Also the first time she'd met him in person, though she'd seen many pictures of him and talked to him on the phone before coming to the US.

Also Elizabeth's first time on a 4-wheeler. I have to tell you--she LOVED it too!!
Can't seem to get enough rides on it and/or driving (with help of course) it too!

It was also her first time on a carnival ride--which she found quite enjoyable. We'd taken the girls to a local festival. We all had a great time!

This was Elizabeth's first time riding a horse. Though she was a bit afraid at first, she soon warmed up and thoroughly enjoyed riding it. After all, it was an animal and we haven't found one yet she disliked!

A parade--also something Elizabeth had never seen or experienced. When someone next to us handed her a bag to hold the candy they'd throw from the floats, I thought it a bit overkill, but as it turns out--I was wrong! She did get so much candy her pockets would never have contained it all! Needless to say, parades are pretty cool in her book!

Here she is waving to the person dressed as a dog on the fire truck.

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