Friday, October 21, 2011

Pickin' Up Walnuts

Some of the things I didn't particularly find fun as a child growing up on the farm, our girls thought it great fun. When my sister suggested to the girls that they could pick up walnuts--they excitedly jumped right on it! After they picked up all the walnuts in grandma and grandpa's yard, they were hungry for more so they began picking them up in the fields. Course it helped when she told them they could sell them for money--that just added fuel to their excitement!

So they loaded them up in the truck and took them to the nearest place buying walnuts. It was quite the experience for them. They learned so much about the process of where a walnut in the store comes from.

Here they are after they poured them into the bin. Up, up , up they go on the conveyor belt to be hulled and weighed--so they can get paid for their hard work.

This was the whole walnut gang! My sister and my nephew along with our girls. What an experience! Though they didn't get rich, they did make a few bucks AND gained a
lot of knowledge about walnuts in the process!

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