Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun on the Farm

Every fall, my sister and her husband do a hayride for the kids and a few neighbor kids. It's always a fun time and you don't find too many hayrides these days. It brought back great memories of times past.

Here Elizabeth decides to pose for a picture on the tractor that will pull the hay wagon. She's not really driving--but boy would she love to! I just don't think we'd want any passengers on the wagon though! Nore would it be very safe for her to drive the tractor--sorry Elizabeth, better grow up more first!

We are all on the wagon waiting for the ride to begin.

Elizabeth and Elise roast hotdogs over the fire after the hayride.

Shawna poses for a picture after roasting her marshmallows for a smores.

Elizabeth thinks it was a great day--a hayride, hotdog roast, smores--how much more fun could one have in a single day!!

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