Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Friends

It seems as no matter where we go, Elizabeth seems to find new friends in animals. I'm not sure we've found one she hasn't liked yet.

My parents live in the country and so there are plenty of animals for our girls to enjoy. My dad has some quail and decided the girls would love to see them hatch so he saved all his quails' eggs until he had 120!! Then a few days after we arrived, it was time to put them in the incubator. After 21 days--wow, new chicks began to hatch! I can't tell you how exciting that was around this house for several days. The girls would run to the incubator and peek in every hour or so to see how many had hatched. After 5 or 6 would hatch, he'd take them out and put them in another warm place to feed them and grow them up. Can you believe it only takes about 6 weeks for them to be full grown! Anyway, it's been real exciting seeing them hatch and grow.

Though Elizabeth was a bit leery of this strange creature at first, a willy worm, I picked it up assuring her it was harmless. She thought it pretty cool once she realized it wasn't as scary as it appeared.

Look, a cat! It isn't often she gets to hold a cat. We don't have one--been there tried that, some of us have allergies to cats.

Though my parents don't have a horse anymore, she seemed to find one somewhere else. Her first time near a horse. She's had an endless list of firsts since we came to the states.

Baby puppies--what is cuter than that?!

I apologize that it's been awhile since my last post, but just been busy here. Early this morning, Elizabeth and I put Randy, Shawna, and Elise on the airplane to return to China. Oh how we wished we were going with them, however, Elizabeth's paperwork is taking longer than we'd hoped. We continue to wait on getting a social security number before we can apply for her passport, also before we can get her visa and an airline ticket. We plan to expedite everything once we receive her social security number. Though we talked to their office just last week again, they are still waiting and hoping to hear very soon. We are still hoping it'll only be another couple of weeks before we can return to China--guess we'll see as it all depends on how fast that ss number comes :) Please lift up our situation. We soooo miss our foster girls! I'm glad Randy and our other girls could return to be with them, but we'd surely like to be there asap too!

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