Saturday, October 1, 2011

Missin' Our Girls!!

I can't tell you how much we are missing the rest of our girls!! It was hard leaving them behind, but we also were missing seeing the rest of our family and friends in the states. We hadn't made a trip to the US in 2 1/2 years--it was overdue! We've been talking to them via Skype once a week while we are gone. Ooooh how we miss them! Serena broke her glasses and got new glasses--that we noticed right away. The girls look good and we are told they are doing well. We'll be so happy to see them, but in the meantime, we are enjoying visiting all our family and friends here in the states and getting to do so many things we've missed in China. Foods we've missed eating, going to the movies--Elizabeth had her first ever theatre experience! Many more things we plan to do while here before leaving :) We'll make the most of the time we have while here.

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