Friday, October 7, 2011

Special Treats

We are enjoying our time here in the states. One of the special things is getting to enjoy all those types of food that we normally can't get in China and often miss. While cotton candy is something we can get there on rare occasions, the girls love it and get it every chance they can.

Ice-cream!! The ice-cream in China isn't nearly as good as we have here in the states so we have to visit a few of our favorite ice-cream places while back. Only problem with this was forgetting just how big they used to be!! I was thinking they were on the smaller side so given the choice of a large or small cone, Randy and I decided to indulge in the larger size with the girls getting the smaller one. Well.....when they brought out the first cone--thinking it HAD to be the large one--I told Elizabeth this was the large size. The lady handing the cone over corrected me saying--oh no, this is the SMALL cone. I then told her I was surely in trouble if that was the smaller size. Just like I thought, Randy or I neither one was able to finish ours. So much for remembering the size correctly!

Randy's parents treated and took us out to dinner on our visit. Shawna ordered what she thought was a simple hamburger--only it turned out to be a MONSTER burger--which she was not able to eat! Needless to say, we ALWAYS gain a few pounds during our stay here in the states. But hey, when you only do it once every 2 years--what are you gonna do?!

1 comment:

  1. Being an ice cream lover I am now sure that I cannot live in China ... and that I must seek out that ice cream place with the GIANT cones!!
    Unfortunately it's probably a long ways from here.
    In my opinion you surely did not order incorrectly--heehee!
    But my goodness ... the size of that burger is crazy! I bet Shawna about laughed herself silly when it arrived to the table.