Saturday, October 22, 2011

Makin' Cupcakes

Like most of our girls, Elizabeth loves to make things in the kitchen. This week, she decided to spend her entire allowance on a cupcake making kit she found at a store here. She went right to work that day after buying it. These are made in the microwave using a special plastic cupcake mold with a hollow center much like a mini bunt pan. They only take 90 seconds in the microwave using a regular cake mix. This way I don't have to worry about them burning themselves trying to use the oven and they are quick an easy too. Not to mention the cooking fun they have! It turned out to be a pretty good purchase for her. Now she has the stuff and plans to return to China with it so she can continue her cupcake making fun! Another plus is that the other girls will love to help out as well.

Elizabeth recruits big sister, Elise, to help her out the first time.

Pouring it into the molds for baking.

Shawna helps out with the frosting process.

Wow, they're done! Great job girls! And delicious too!

Next week I hope to have some pictures of our foster daughters, Serena, Hannah, and Lena. Though Elizabeth and I are still doing paperwork for her to return to China, I'll try and get Randy to send me some pictures of them so I can do a few posts. I know how much you all have probably missed seeing them for the past month. I know I've REALLY been missing them and HATE that we have to wait even longer to see them. However, we do what we have to and right now that is finishing up Elizabeth's paperwork.

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