Saturday, April 17, 2010

Learning to Cook

Now that Shawna and Elise are older, they are learning to cook. Elise especially likes to cook, Shawna not so much. On this particular day we were having a fellowship dinner on Sunday afternoon. They'd learned to make pita pocket bread and asked to make it for the dinner. Of course, I told them! Make, make bread! The kitchen's all yours! Now, all I have to do is teach them how to make dinner and other meals! Their pita bread, by the way, was very good!


  1. Hey why don't you girls come to my house!! David would love that! He thinks I forgot how to cook, especially with the kids gone.

  2. Rita, you must be a good cook to teach them so well! Fun things first, meals will come. Now the big question, how are they at clean up?

  3. They are pretty good at clean up. Like any kid learning to clean up, sometimes I have to go back and point out things they've missed. But they're pretty good at it. They're pretty good girls!