Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Botanical Gardens Outing

Last Thursday, the Forever Home gang was privileged to go on an outing to the Botanical Gardens in Beijing with the Foster Home. So a group of 30 kids accompanied by 30 adults, loaded on a chartered bus for an hour and a half one-way bus ride to north Beijing. Bet you wish you could have been on that bus with us, huh?! The constant sounds of laughter, crying, the scent of at least one child clearly needing their diapers changed, and usually at least one that gets car sick and seems to throw up one or more times:) This was the first time since I've been on these field trips that someone didn't get sick (that I know of) at least once! Hey, it was a good trip! You don't know what you're missing! Although it was raining, we were able to visit one of their large, terrarium green houses filled with exciting flowers and plants to explore. After much oooing and aaawing we stopped to enjoy lunch. This was no regular lunch, but MCDONALD'S!! Now, I know many of you guys there in the states don't get excited about McDonald's. However, let me tell you...when you've been living in China for some time, and rarely ever get to eat a burger and fries, well.........McDonald's is simply heavenly--a rare treat!! I have to wonder which was truly the best treat of all--getting to eat McDonald's or visiting the Botanical Gardens! Let's just say, it's a good thing we didn't have to choose! Since some individuals from our group went to get McDonald's while we waited at the Gardens, they'd brought along some treats for hungry kids to enjoy while waiting. Jenna decided to swallow a cherry tomato whole and it lodged in her throat choking her scaring the bejeebers out of me! It was clear she was choking and while she was gagging trying to get it up, all the first aid classes I'd ever had began to run through my mind! When it became obvious she wasn't getting it up on her own, she wasn't breathing and tears began to stream down her face combined with a look of panic, I promptly threw her over my knees ready to give her some back blows before she passed out on me. I think I only gave her one blow when the tomato came flying out of her mouth! Whew, what a relief for both of us!! Ellie, one of our foster home nurses, was sitting at the table directly behind us, who apparently saw it all. She said "Wow, that was really scary!" I whole heartedly agreed!! So did Jenna, I'm sure! Then I have to tell you the funny thing that happened only a minute or so after the tomato was dislodged. Another foster home staff, the physical therapist, was sitting at our table and also saw the whole incident. Just literally about a minute after choking on a tomato, she was already eying the other tomatoes on the table wanting more! Amazing!! He couldn't believe it! Kids!! Anyway, other than the choking incident, we all had a great time. I don't know who was more tired, the adults or the kids. You can see from the picture that Jenna was clearly bushed and fell asleep on the ride home. What a day! A day we will all remember for several reasons.

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  1. Looks like a very fun day! (when we were in China for 2 weeks, McDonald's was a treat!!!) The gardens look lovely! What a nice outing since there were enough adults per child. I would love to have been there!...not soo sure about the stinky smells on the bus tho ;)

    All of you "girls" look beautiful!