Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Piano Lessons

Recently, someone donated a piano to the Forever Home. They even offered to come out to give the girls lessons. The piano arrived a couple of weeks ago and was placed in the school room at New Day. What a beautiful piano it is! It is Emerald green and has a see-through glass front allowing you to see the keys that are pressed. Last Wednesday they brought out a small group of volunteers to help with the piano lessons and a fun-filled time of singing nursery rhymes for the younger kids of the foster home preschool class. After a time of singing nursery rhymes the younger kids returned to their class, and then the older girls got their turns at learning piano. Hannah was especially excited and loved the piano. She could hardly contain herself! Elizabeth also enjoyed it, but Jenna not as much. She has a shorter attention span and seemed to get bored pretty quickly. If memory serves me right, their teachers were from a musical school in Beijing and were putting on a concert for their students in May. They asked Elizabeth and a couple of others to prepare a song to sing and perform. We all decided that Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star was a good song so she has been practicing it with the actions since her last class. She seems a bit embarrassed to do it so we are hoping that she will follow through doing it on stage with all those faces staring back at her! I guess we'll see in mid-May, huh?! In the meantime, the girls will continue to have piano lessons every 2 weeks.


  1. The piano sounds like a fun one - being able to watch the keys.:0 Jenna might just be a little young/immature yet. Once she sees what the older girls can do, maybe she'll want to join in. How is Elizabeth doing with practice?

  2. Well since it was just their first piano lesson and it was more of an introduction type thing, they really didn't give them anything to practice. I'm hopeful that next class (which is every 2 weeks) they will assign some practice.