Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Botanical Gardens Outing Part 2

I forgot to mention that while we were there, they had coconuts for sale. The girls had to try one, and while most of them thought it was okay, you can see from Hannah's reaction that she thought coconut juice was simply awful! Funny thing is, although she clearly didn't enjoy it, she'd go back again, time after time, when it was her turn for a share. Each time, her reaction was the same--yuck!! After drinking the juice, we took it home to crack it open and try some of the coconut meat. Jenna especially liked it and kept coming back for more! Also in one of the pictures in part 1, the whole Forever Home gang (with the exception of dad who had to work) is shown. The Chinese lady, Lois, is the teacher we've hired to help us work with and teach the Forever Home girls.

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  1. LOL, Hannah's reaction is hysterical...I don't understand why she would continue to try it if she felt this way ;) funny girl!