Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Day in the Sunshine!

I have to tell you this funny story. I'm sure you'll get a laugh out of it too. Hannah's motor skills just keep improving. Perhaps she is gaining too much confidence in her new found motor skills! Last Saturday, we took all the girls to the square, a large gathering place in the apartment complex where the kids can play and socialize. We'd just bought her and Jenna a new riding toy. We'd told her and Jenna that they weren't allowed to ride them down the ramps just yet. I think they, her and Jenna, may have had a conspiracy going. Although she knew she wasn't supposed to, Hannah was apparently at one ramp or made her way there while we were preoccupied with Jenna, who had kept waving her arm bye bye trying to get me to do the same. I knew if I waved back, she'd take it as permission to go down that ramp! Of course, I wouldn't do it. Meanwhile, Hannah is at the other ramp, which we didn't realize. She decided she'd ride it down the ramp and wound up face first in the bushes when she came to an abrupt stop on a curb not far from the bottom of the ramp! Except for some cuts and scrapes on her face, she was completely fine. After seeing other kids doing it, she thought it looked like fun too. Shawna and Elise saw her and said "Hey she did a good job getting down the ramp just fine!" I said yeah this time and oh, except for the part of going face first into the bushes!! After we made our way home, I kept saying "Man it looks like we beat her up or something!" Shawna kept say "But mom, WE DIDN'T!!" I said I know, but it looks like it and she has to go into heart surgery this week looking like we might have beat her up!! Luckily, she didn't make it in there this week. They tell us for sure next week! Anyway, as parents, we weren't convinced using the ramp right now was the best idea for Jenna and Hannah so we advised against doing it again, at least in the near future.


  1. Well I would have to agree falling in the bushes on your face wasn't really a succussful run....but we all have to learn! She just wants to do what the big girls are doing! We all can relate to that, in one way or another.

  2. Oh, poor Hannah. Yes, it probably looks like fun. However, you need lots of pratice on your bike before you go down ramps. Always ask mom & dad if it's safe first.

    When is the heart surgery? I would like to keep her in my thoughts and prayers.