Saturday, April 17, 2010


We all seem to love donuts. It is one of the things we really miss from the states. They do not have them here and if you do find something that looks like a donut, ain't!! Tastes nothing like 'em, only looks like 'em! We've made them periodically at times. If you've ever made them, you know how much work they are, so we never made them very often. We usually just don't have that much time to donate to such things these days. But wait!! I've wished I had a bread maker here for years and have looked for them every time I got the chance. I finally found one about a month ago, but was terribly expense. I didn't get it. I happened to mention it to our Chinese friends and she said she bet she could find one on the internet. She looked and found one about a third of the price as I'd seen at the department store in Beijing. We ordered it and we love it! We knew it'd be worth it's weight in gold since our family now goes through about a loaf of bread a day or more if we eat sandwiches! When we go to the grocery store and buy 10-12 loaves at a time, we are quite the novelty and people really stare wondering what we could be doing with all that bread!! We are putting it in the freezer and repeating the process in about 2 weeks. Now we make our own bread instead! Randy happened across a recipe for donuts with great reviews. We tried it and he's decided we need to make it an every Saturday morning tradition!! I just put in the ingredients the night before and set the timer and the dough is all ready when I get up. We cut them and let them rise and cook them. As it turns out, all the kids love them and they agree with Randy about making it an every Saturday morning tradition!


  1. donuts! Nice you found a good treat that everyone can enjoy. Love the pictures!!

  2. Yum! Impressed with the cooking skills again, especially considering where you live, and the ability to get ingedients.