Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hannah Turns 8

On April 6th, Hannah turned 8 (yeah, I know. I'm waaaay behind on blog posts!). She wanted an ice-cream cake for her birthday. Although we wanted some regular flavors like chocolate and vanilla (Hannah can't eat chocolate), they only had chocolate and tarro root. Well... that is purple and we weren't sure what it tasted like (never really had a desire to try it), but hey, you only live once right?! As it turns out, it wasn't so bad. I'd probably get it again--although I don't think I'd ask for it, just if that was all they had! How do you like that flame on her birthday candle?! These are traditional candles here. They're actually pretty cool. After lighting them, it plays the happy birthday song (so you can sing along with it) and the flower opens with a smaller flame on the end of each petal. Cool huh?! I love them. The only problem is the battery seems to last forever on these things and continues to play the happy birthday song for hours after-wards!! This got REAL annoying the first time we used one and finally smashed it to bits at bedtime! Then you buy batteries for other stuff here and they don't last, go figure! Anyway, after that, we learned how to easily pull this certain little wire making it stop! One of the Chinese showed us that. Wished we'd known about it the first time! You'll also notice me helping Hannah cut the first piece of cake. It is traditional here for the birthday person to cut and serve the first piece of cake. Birthdays are always fun and hers was no exception. I have to tell you another funny story while I'm thinking of it. Like I said, life is never dull around our house these days! We had the second half of the ice-cream birthday cake last night. Apparently Jenna LOVES ice-cream!! She had the first helping and then asked for a second. While she was eating her second one she asked for more. Well...I told her she'd had enough already as they were pretty big helpings anyway for someone so little. About that time, dad (Randy) came up and took the last piece. WELL....she was obviously mad. When I took the empty container back to the kitchen and dad was still at the table, she flung her spoon across the room!! Yep, she's got a bit of a temper! Guess she showed us!! Then we showed her with a nice little time-out!! Not a happy camper. Anyway, thought you'd enjoy that story! Kids!


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!! Loved your cake, it was so beautiful!! You are so beautiful....I love to see you are growing and laughing and having fun! Hope you had a great time celebrating YOUR special day!

  2. Happy Birthday Hannah! The cake is beautiful, and I love that flame! I think I would get annoyed with the song continuing to play on & on also.
    Oh Jenna, can't help but laugh. Has she gotten away with this behavior before?!