Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Roasting Marshmallows

Part of the festivities were roasting marshmallows after the games were over.  Elizabeth helps Holly roast her very first marshmallow!

Then she helps Emma while Elise helps Mollie roast theirs.  I surely don't know what we'd do without our 3 older daughters, Elizabeth, Elise, and Shawna, who help out so much with these girls! They just LOVE doing things with them and they're so amazing!!  The love they pour into these girls!  

Elly doesn't seem to sure about marshmallows, does she?! She didn't think they were all that great.

Emma, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed hers!!  She thought they were awesome!

See, what a happy, messy face!!

As much as Emma enjoyed hers, Mollie liked them even better!  After 3 or 4 we had to say okay enough!  After all, how was she to go to bed after that much sugar?!  Mollie thought it best to let Elise have the sticky hands rather than her :)

And really sticky hands she had too!!  


  1. You guys have the best time!!!! Rita, have you gotten Elly's package yet?? It shows it made it to China. The tracking is cp719835087us,, sorry my email is down.

  2. Still looking for it. It may be in China but sometimes can take a day or two to get out here to the village. I'll let you know as soon as we receive it. Thanks so much!