Monday, July 16, 2012

Playing Hard

OR hardly playing?!  Holly takes a break and relaxes in the swing.

Peek-a-boo!! Can you guess who I am?!

Emma really enjoys the play house at New Day :)

I see you Emma!!

A little fun on the slide, right Mollie?!

Elly stops long enough to pose for a picture.  Okay, I'll flash you a smile, but it's not a very real one is it guys?!  I'm tryin' to play here!

Emma thinks the view from up there is great!  Love the smile Emma! It's often hard to capture on camera though as she isn't a fond one of the camera most of the time.  

Now Mollie is tickled!  Such beautiful smiles girls! Mollie is a real ham for the camera.

Holly says, "Look what I can do!"

Give me a smile girls! Please?!

That's more like it Mollie!

Watch me, I'm about to slide down.

Elly gets a little help from Shawna taking a short cut through the grass. She thinks it's pretty fun!

Elly often uses her walker as a seat to rest for awhile.

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