Thursday, July 12, 2012

Noodles!! Our Favorite!

Mollie and Emma get out of preschool at 11:15 each day.  Every day they return home to eat lunch, but one day a week we pick them up and head to a local restaurant to have a bit of lunch.  I'm not sure I've met a child yet that doesn't particularly enjoy noodles.  There's just something about those long bits of pasta that is not only delicious, but also fun to eat!  Right girls?!  I thought you might enjoy seeing a video of the two of them enjoying some noodles :)

Mollie gives Emma a talkin' to 'cause she spilled some of those precious noodles on the floor!! These girls are too funny!  We love to just watch them, they're so entertaining!!

Oh and notice the face Mollie makes after taking a drink :)  She insists on drinking coke but often seems to make a face like she doesn't particularly care for it--yet she asks for it again and again even after we offer her something different.  I think the carbonation makes her mouth feel weird!  We generally limit soda products to the weekends or special events or like today, at a restaurant.  Probably if she had it more, she'd get used to the carbonation issue?!

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