Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Dream Come True

One of the biggest things we hope for all our girls is that they find their very own forever families.  In the meantime, we do all we can to help them medically, physically, emotionally, academically, socially--and in every other area--prepare for their forever families.

Hannah has been with us now 2 1/2 years and that makes it especially hard to say goodbye.  It is always a very bittersweet time as it is the very thing we've wanted for them since the day they came to our home.  But it is also difficult letting go when you've taken them into your home and loved them like one of your own children.  Like I said, very bittersweet :)(.

We've been celebrating (and continuing to prepare her) Hannah's soon departure the past few days. On Saturday we fixed her favorite foods, jiaozi (dumplings) and baozi (steamed buns stuffed with meat and veggies).  Then on Sunday we went to a restaurant and she got to pick some of her favorite foods.  One of them being fish.  Did we mention that she LOVES fish and seafood?!

As is the custom here, the honored guest--Hannah in this case--is given the head of the fish!  That's right mom and dad, your girl actually ate the fish head--AND LIKED IT!!

Another of Hannah's absolute favorites is the spicy snacks here.  She LOVES the spicy straw mushrooms and spicy tofu!  Randy and I wanted to send her off with a few of her favorite snacks, but then all her foster sisters--knowing how much she loves them--decided to buy some out of their own allowances and send her with some more!  NOW she has lots of them. We decided she could enjoy a few before she left :)

Another tradition in the Forever Home is to send the girls off with a beautiful cake of their choice.  Hannah chose an ice-cream cake. (yes it says "happy birthday" but sometimes you just have to take what you can get--they don't always get your order right here. Sometimes it isn't even the same flavor of ice-cream you asked for!)

Hannah loves her ice-cream!

Holly didn't mind celebrating with some ice-cream cake, but has kept saying continually that she doesn't want Hannah to go.  I know we tell her, but she's got a wonderful family waiting for her and she's gonna be soo happy in America!

Elly, who is also anxiously awaiting her turn to go to America, celebrates Hannah's departure.

Emma just loves ice-cream!!

 Mollie, are you frowning cause Hannah is leaving?!  Na, she just wants more ice-cream too!

Several of the girls colored Hannah some nice pictures to take with her on her trip. How sweet girls!

Last minute hugs from all of us who love you sooo much!  

Can't forget a hug from Elly too!

One last picture with foster mom and dad before she goes.

Anxiously awaiting her ride to the train station.  We can't wait to hear how you're doing in America and hopefully see some pictures from time to time of how fast you are growing up!!  We have no doubt you'll do wonderful in your new family and both of you will be a blessing to one another!!  Farewell Baby!!!


  1. Beautiful traditions and a very memorable send off for sweet, sweet Hannah. She has grown and blossomed so tremendously with your love and care.
    Praying for you and the girls during this adjustment time especially the little ones.
    God Bless you!
    Barbara Lyman :-)
    WA state

  2. Oh how my family has prayed and loved seeing updates of sweet Hannah. I remember the first days when she arrived and I am so happy to see her head out looking like a beautiful healthy young lady. I hope the transition for both of you goes smoothly.
    Mommy to a New Day sweetheart