Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cool Clowns and Face Painting

Last Thursday night, New Day had a Fiesta Festival!  We had chicken fahita's and our family was in charge of the cup cake walk (next blog post).  They had some other games and clowns that face/arm painted.  

Elizabeth got a pretty butterfly.

Holly got a shooting star painted on her face!  This was probably her very first face painting. 

Mollie's had her face painted in preschool before--and we had a bit of a reaction to it so this time we decided it was best to do it on her hand (and it was soon to be washed off as it was nearly time to go home and to bath and bed anyway) :)

Emma watched in awe as they painted her hand too!

Elly decided a heart within a heart was the best choice for her!

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