Monday, July 23, 2012

It's A Cupcake Walk!

At the Fiesta Festival, our family did a cupcake walk.  Everyone had something to do.  Dad was in charge of handing out the cupcakes to the winners. Mom baked the cupcakes and made the icing while Shawna iced them and decorated them.

Shawna was in charge of stopping and starting the music for the walk.

Elizabeth drew the winning numbers.

Mom helped Mollie and Emma go around to hopefully win a cupcake :)  Guess what, we won the very first round!!

We quickly handed it over to Elly who was sitting out watching. The girls had been on their swimming field trip all day and she was quite tired so preferred to just watch.  She was quite happy to get a cupcake though!

Holly waits for the music to start. She eventually won herself a tasty cupcake too!  Then she continued to play the game the rest of the time hoping for another.

Round and round we went and then Emma won herself a cupcake too!  She was quite pleased about that!

So pleased, in fact, when she finished eating her cupcake, she got right back in there for another chance with the help of big sister, Elise!

Mollie never seemed to tire of going round and round. She rather enjoys going round and round though :)  She never did win a cupcake of her very own, but got to enjoy some of Elly's, who was nice enough to share with her.  That's so nice of you Elly!

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