Friday, July 6, 2012

A Little Outdoor Fun

Holly is learning to ride a bike without training wheels.  Shawna is helping her out today.  While she can clearly do it on her own, she lacks the confidence.  As soon as she lets go, she's done riding :)  Soon she'll be able to ride, just need to boost her confidence a bit and she'll take off and be riding everywhere!

Really Elise, a bike and roller blades?!  That's a new one!

Hey Elly, is doing bubbles while driving even legal?!

Mollie is one determined little girl!  She's through with the little trike, give that girl a BIG bike!

Elizabeth loves to ride her bike!

Mollie clearly loves heights.  She loves to spin, hang upside down, etc. I think she might be a roller coaster girl!!

Who needs toys?!  Just leave Elly's walker ungarded for a second and it turns into a cool toy!  Right Mollie and Emma?!  First, Mollie pushes Emma.

Then Emma reciprocates. It's great fun!!

Ever see such a looooooooooong truck before?!  I hadn't seen one this long EVER that wasn't somehow connected in the middle with the ability to flex and turn.  Not this one! It's solid from front to end! Imagine turning that thing around!  Or even just turning from one street to the next!  Only in China!!

Mollie wonders what all the to do is about!

Emma loves to hop on the back and let Elly give her a stroll around the square. Elly always gets tickled about it but never seems to mind giving her a ride!

Grandpa, isn't it supposed to be the other way around?!  I think you're confused perhaps.  You are supposed to push the little boy!

No, we don't know these people but couldn't pass up the picture.  I thought it was so cute and quite unique.

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  1. Oh the fun with wheels. Good to see how the girls can make each and every one of the wheels "go 'round & 'round" to become toys all at once. They have such creative imaginations. I am so proud of them all. :-)
    Wish I could be there to join in the play time... you girls make your time so much fun. :-)
    Barbara Lyman :-)
    WA state