Friday, July 6, 2012

A Bad Hair Day!

"Why you hiding your face Elizabeth?!"  Shawna asks as she's snapping away with the camera and all giggly :)

"Ohhhh, I see!  You got the comb stuck in your hair!"  Elizabeth doesn't look very happy does she?!  It doesn't help when your sister insists on taking pictures at your expense does it?!  Don't worry Elizabeth, the reason she can laugh is cause her and Elise has already experienced this, well..Elise anyway, but Shawna clearly remembers it!!  Sometimes sisters can be annoying can't they?!  But most of the time, they love and will fiercely protect you.  Not easy to remember that right now though, right Elizabeth?!

Mom tries for quite some time, as dad watches, to remove the comb from her hair without cutting any of her beautiful locks!

However, after quite a bit of time, the comb seems forever stuck in her hair!  We decide instead of cutting her hair, just cut the comb out piece by piece.  Horray!!  After cutting it into multiple bits without cutting a single hair, it is out!!  I think that is a lesson well learned, right Elizabeth?!! Hopefully for everyone in the house too!!

I'll bet some of you have the same or similar experiences with your kiddos, huh?!


  1. Thank goodness none of those pretty little hairs had to be cut. Oh, my I was so scared when I first started reading... Dad to the rescue...!
    Hopefully precious Elizabeth's shy smile as returned quickly.

    Barbara Lyman :-)
    WA state

  2. Yeah, she was a pretty happy girl again once that comb was removed!