Friday, February 25, 2011

Warmer Days Yeah!!

Warmer days means more outside fun.

Now that we are beginning to have some warmer days, we're able to get outside a bit more--the girls' favorite place!!

Serena was quite proud of herself after climbing up on top of this outdoor equipment!
What kid doesn't like to climb and look down at others for a change?! After all, most of the time they're looking up at people. Although, as fast as some of our girls are growing, it might not be long before they're soon seeing eye to eye with us and who knows...maybe even get taller than us!!

Jenna was also feeling like quite the big girl here!

Elizabeth climbed up onto the bench and began to put on a
bubble show--all that was lacking was the music to go with it!

Seeing her bigger sister, Jenna soon decided to do the same.
Except she flung most her bubble solution off. Gotta do it
a bit slower Jenna!

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